Adalet Ağaoğlu
She has carried out various responsibilities at Radio Ankara and TRT. She quitted her job in TRT Radio Department, when the corporate autonomy was seized. In addition to being one of the leading names of Turkish literature with her novels and short stories, the writer is one of the most important names in the field of human rights as well.
Alper Görmüş
He worked as columnist and manager for many magazines and newspapers. He prepared the Medyakronik website, which had a great effect at the time. He became the editor in chief of Nokta magazine that brought out the coup plans within the military. He still writes in Taraf newspaper. Gormus received the International Hrant Dink Award in 2009.
Amira Hass
She has written articles about the occupied Palestinian lands since 1993. She worked as a reporter and columnist, told Israeli people about her experiences at Palestinian refugee camps despite all kinds of obstacles and published a book containing her articles. Hass received the International Hrant Dink Award in 2009.